How Long Do Braces Take to Straighten Teeth?

How Long Do Braces Take to Straighten Teeth?

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Convincing your permanent teeth to move positions within your mouth is a big task for braces – and you can’t rush the process. You may want your teeth to be transformed into a beautiful smile right away, but it takes time. 

There are different factors that contribute to the length of treatment, as well as your willingness to comply. So, while your orthodontist may be able to give you an idea of how long you will be wearing braces, an exact timeline is not going to come right away. 

How Long Do Braces Take to Straighten Teeth? 

Braces can take anywhere from six months to three years to completely straighten teeth. On average, however, 22 months – just shy of two years – seems to be the most common treatment time for most patients. 

It is important to remember that this is not an overnight treatment. How much time it takes, however, depends on the patient. 

What Determines Treatment Time? 

While everyone may be wearing the same type of braces and undergoing treatment from the same orthodontist, the time they will be wearing them will vary from person to person. In other words, treatment time is based on the patient’s needs. 

A few factors that may influence how long you will be wearing braces include: 

  • The complexity of the orthodontic treatment
  • The overall level of oral health – teeth, gums, and jawbone
  • The type of braces 
  • The level of patient compliance with instructions for treatment
  • Your age – younger patients tend to have a shorter treatment time

Following up with your orthodontist throughout your treatment can help them to narrow down just how long you will have to wear your braces. 

How to Have Successful Braces Treatment

When you make the decision to get braces, you are making an investment. And if you want it to be a success, there are some things you will have to do. For instance, you will need to follow through with your orthodontic appointments. Showing up as scheduled for these routine office visits will allow you to stay on track – especially if you are wearing traditional-type braces. The adjustments are crucial for treatment to progress. 

If you are wearing clear aligners or a retainer, it is up to you to wear it as directed by your orthodontist. This will help you to reach treatment goals and maintain them for a lifetime. 

Still, that’s not all. For successful braces treatment, you will need to: 

  • Avoid foods as instructed by your dental team
  • Maintain good oral hygiene throughout the treatment 
  • Contact your orthodontist’s office if your braces break

The more you follow instructions, the greater chance you have of transforming your smile in a timely manner. 

More Questions About Braces? 

If you need braces, there is a good chance you have a lot of questions. Working with Dr. Garrick F. Wong and the entire orthodontic team is a great way to get the answers you are looking for – and some incredible treatment, too. 
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