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Office Visits

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Initial Consultation

At your first visit to our office, your initial consultation typically includes the documentation of you and your family's full medical and dental history; and in addition, it includes a comprehensive clinical examination of your orthodontic and dentofacial features. This information is used to inform the patient/parents of any existing orthodontic issues or potential problems. It allows the doctor to assess the patient's need for orthodontic treatment; and if there is a need, he will be able to estimate when to begin the process of starting treatment.

Regular Appointments

If the patient is ready to begin orthodontic treatment, the first step in the process is to take a complete set of orthodontic records. This would include updated personal and family medical histories, a current clinical exam, impressions for study models, digital facial and intraoral photographs and special digital orthodontic radiographs. These records would allow the doctor to make a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan that he would review with the patient and/or parents in a separate conference appointment.

After the conference appointment, the appropriate appointments would be scheduled to fit and/or place the patient's orthodontic appliance. You would then se us at regular intervals 4 - 8 weeks apart for adjustments which on average take about 15 minutes. Patients are seen by appointment only. We make every effort to be on time for our patients and ask that you extend the same courtesy to us. If you cannot keep an appointment, please notify us immediately.

Convenient & Secure Online Services with Sesame 24/7

We value you as our patient and appreciate your commitment for continued oral health. We understand the importance of providing you online convenience to manage your patient information, which is why we are excited to partner with Sesame Communications in our effort to stay connected. Using our convenient online services is easy. You simply log in to your account from our website, where you have access to all of your patient information, online 24-7, in a safe, secure environment that exceeds HIPAA requirements. We are pleased to offer you this convenience free of charge, and to share with you all of the amazing features offered to you through Sesame 24-7:

Email and text message reminders

Customize how you receive appointment reminders with email, text messaging, and/or voicemail. You can also download a reminder for use in your calendar so you don’t forget your next appointment. After you log in to your account profile, you can confirm appointments online — reducing reminders altogether.

Financial Pages

Just like our appointment reminders, you can customize how you receive financial reminders through email or voicemail. After you log in to your account profile, you can review and print your financial ledgers without having to call our office.

Online Bill Pay

After you log in to your account profile, review and pay your bills online directly through our website. All online payments are protected in a secure server via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so your credit card information is encrypted as you enter it.

View Images

Access and review your dental images and X-rays online from the comfort of your own home.

Share your smile with family and friends

If applicable, share your Invisalign® ClinCheck® via email and Facebook — show your family and friends how easy it is to improve their smile, too!

Post-Appointment Feedback

After your appointment, we’ll send you a link to an online survey where you can let us know how we’re doing (and what could use some improvement).

The best part about these features is that they are already available to you! All you need is a personal email account, then call or email our office, and we will gladly provide you with your own personal login information.

You are not only our patient but also a member of our extended family. Thank you for choosing us to be your orthodontic care provider.

Office Location

Gary F. Wong, DMD

40 E Putnam Ave.
Cos Cob, CT 06807

Phone: (203) 625-9888


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