Low Profile MicroArch® Braces


MicroArch braces might look like traditional braces on the surface, but this innovative bracket is anything but traditional. MicroArch brackets are 30 percent smaller with a lower profile than conventional metal brackets, which makes them more comfortable to wear. Each bracket is manufactured from medical-grade stainless steel, making MicroArch braces stronger, more reliable, and faster than traditional braces. 

Advantages of MicroArch Braces

Here are some of the reasons our patients choose MicroArch braces over other orthodontic solutions:

    • The smaller bracket size means they’re less obvious and look better.
    • Brackets have a special laser etched mesh base, so they bond to teeth better, reducing the need for emergency bracket replacement.
    • High precision metal injection molded design gives MicroArch braces better consistency, accuracy, and precision.
    • Brackets are polished to feel smooth and comfortable. This smooth surface also makes good oral hygiene practices easier.
    • MicroArch braces achieve results faster than traditional metal braces due to the increased distance between brackets, which allows heavier archwires to be placed sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions About MicroArch Braces

How much do MicroArch braces cost?

There is no additional cost for MicroArch braces in Dr. Wong’s practice. The efficiencies of this bracket make it reasonable to use it in all his orthodontic cases that require brackets.

Are MicroArch braces as effective as traditional metal braces?

Yes, MicroArch braces are just as effective as traditional metal braces—in fact, they’re even better. Although MicroArch brackets are smaller than conventional brackets, they’re made from a medical grade stainless steel alloy that’s stronger and allows them to withstand heavier forces without bending or breaking. They have a special laser etched mesh bonding base that bonds to the tooth stronger to allow the smaller bracket to withstand the more concentrated forces from the wire without coming off. The smaller brackets work with the archwire to move teeth more efficiently. MicroArch braces can achieve the same beautiful smiles as traditional braces, but in less time, less intrusively, and more comfortably.

What orthodontic problems can MicroArch braces correct?

MicroArch braces can be used in any and all orthodontic cases that traditional braces can be used—crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, cross-bites, open-bites, and so on. 

Are MicroArch braces right for me?

MicroArch braces are a good fit for most patients and most orthodontic cases. When you have your consultation with Dr. Wong, he’ll go over your options with you and you’ll work together to choose the best one for your needs and treatment goals.

Are MicroArch braces self-ligating?

No, MicroArch braces are not self-ligating. Self-ligating (or tieless) braces do not require elastics to secure the archwire to the brackets. MicroArch braces do use elastics, but MicroArch brackets are lower profile than those used for self-ligating braces. We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of each system with you during your consultation.

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