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AcceleDent Aura

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What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is a revolutionary way to speed up your orthodontic treatment and reduce your time in braces or aligners. The device uses SoftPulse Technology to generate small vibrations, or micropulses, to gently accelerate the movement of your teeth as guided by your orthodontics. These precisely calibrated vibrations are transmitted through the roots of the tooth to the surrounding bone that holds them in place, increasing cellular activity. Many patients find that these micropulses also make their braces or aligners more comfortable—AcceleDent has been clinically shown to reduce pain and discomfort by up to 71%.

AcceleDent has also been clinically shown to speed up tooth movement by up to 50%. By moving teeth faster, AcceleDent means fewer orthodontic visits and a lower risk of oral health issues like cavities, gum inflammation, and white spots. We’re excited to offer this advanced treatment option at our orthodontic practice.

Advantages of AcceleDent

AcceleDent can be purchased to supplement many different orthodontic treatments, particularly braces and clear aligners. AcceleDent is:

    • Proven – The system has been demonstrated safe and effective in 15 clinical studies.

    • Safe – AcceleDent has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration and it is available only by prescription from a qualified orthodontist.

    • Simple – Patients love that this state-of-the-art device is hands-free and only requires 20 minutes of daily use. You can text, read, watch TV, listen to music, or do your homework while using AcceleDent.

Frequently Asked Questions About AcceleDent

How can I make my teeth move faster with braces?

AcceleDent is the only FDA-approved option for speeding up orthodontic treatment. It works by sending micropulses through the roots of the teeth into the bone and increasing cellular activity.

Is AcceleDent covered by insurance?

AcceleDent is used to speed up orthodontic treatment, but it’s not considered essential or integral to your orthodontic treatment or outcome, so it’s not covered by dental insurance.

Can you use AcceleDent more than once a day?

It’s recommended that you only use AcceleDent for 20 minutes once a day. Using it any more than that will not accelerate your treatment time.

Does AcceleDent actually work?

Dr. Wong has chosen to use AcceleDent in his practice because it’s backed by research and clinical studies. More importantly, our patients have had great results using the device.

Is AcceleDent safe?

Yes, AcceleDent is approved by the FDA and it has been proven safe and effective in 15 clinical studies. 

Does AcceleDent cause root resorption?

AcceleDent has been well-researched and prescribed by thousands of orthodontists since its introduction and there is no evidence that the device causes root resorption.

How do you clean AcceleDent?

Disconnect the mouthpiece after each use and rinse it well with lukewarm water. About once a week, use a mild soap, toothpaste, or liquid dishwashing detergent to clean the mouthpiece more thoroughly.

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